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Full Version: Time to say goodbye?
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Should I now lock this forum as the stadium is now open?
Maybe keep it open until a crowd is in as there must still be work to do to get it crowd ready?
Keep it open you shit
Keep. It's a really useful tool in so many ways.
Still a side of the ground that doesn’t have a stand so the stadium is not finished
Only if you talk nicely to Alex and get him to take it over.
No ones discussed what’s going inside yet, new clubhouse bar, etc etc
Oh, blimey, it hadn’t occurred to me that the weekly blogs might be ending. It feels like they are so much more than just a stadium update.

Keep open.

Oh, and Lee, keep meaning to ask, is it possible to have the threads set to show when the last post was added? I’m forever reading the same post because I’m not sure if anyone has added anything.
Doesn’t it already do that with the green arrows that take you directly to the latest post?

If there’s no green arrow, there’s no new post.
Thank you Dr B, hadn’t noticed the green arrows. D’oh!
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