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Full Version: AP Interview
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I spoke to Alex this afternoon

Thanks Neil,Some good news in there about the new manager and that we’re discussing a new contract with Mclure,We’re lucky to have the 3 at the top that we do running the club.
Thanks Neil and AP for taking the time to update us. Always great to hear news and thoughts from the top.
What a great interview.

Thank you both very much.

Excellent news and views and interview!                

[Image: smile.png]
Honest, frank and never evaded a direct question.
Cannot ask for any more, let’s hope our new manager buys into the dream.
Great interview as always Andrew McNeil and thank you AP for taking the time to update us.
We have had a few growlers over the deck in the last week to contend with but it feels like the ship is still on course to ride out the storm to reach port safely. It wasn't so long ago we were talking about sending maroons up & calling the Coast Guard. Enjoy the cruise whilst it lasts. (sorry, too much rum drank tonight).
AP looking at NL budget,There’s a bigger picture here!
Great interview Neil and you asked all the questions that the fans would want to hear answered and as ever Alex answered them very honestly.
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