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Full Version: Curzon Ashton away
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The start of a new era. Does anyone know if it will be live steamed.
Purchased mine last night via their Twitter page
(11-12-2020, 08:20 AM)Judith Wrote: [ -> ]Purchased mine last night via their Twitter page

Many thanks
See that C********m Town are away to Salford City tomorrow. (Salford is 9.5 miles from Curzon). Perhaps the two teams can meet up at a Service Station on the way North, and have a practice Kick about in the Car Park. Losing team buys the KFC, McDonalds, Costa Coffee on the way home.
Curzon 1-1 Alfreton
Brackley 2-2 Curzon
Curzon 2-1 Farsley
Chester 2-1 Curzon 
Curzon 0-3 Darlo
Curzon 0-3 Blyth
Gateshead 1-0 Curzon
Kettering 1-2 Curzon 
Curzon 2-0 Fylde
Curzon 0-3 Leamington
Kiddy 1-0 Curzon 
Chorley 1-1 Curzon 
Spenny 3-1 Curzon 

PL 13 W 3 D 3 L 7 F 12 A 22
6 at home, 2 wins 1 draw 3 losses.
Dominic Knowles has 50% of their goals, hasn’t scored in the last 5 though.
The Farsley & Fylde results stand out. Jekyll & Hyde team. They played last weekend, we didn’t so should be a bit fresher hopefully. Have some players back from knocks.
Sir Geoff was born in Ashton and now lives in C********m.
(11-12-2020, 08:20 AM)Judith Wrote: [ -> ]Purchased mine last night via their Twitter page

What's the price of the live stream?
(11-12-2020, 12:14 PM)Andrew R Wrote: [ -> ]What's the price of the live stream?
Seven of your English pounds.
(11-12-2020, 02:21 PM)T-End is in sight Wrote: [ -> ]Seven of your English pounds.

Are Scottish banknotes accepted? It's legal tender.
I think its electronic tender only Andrew, and I'm not sure whether there are any computers in Scotland?
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