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Full Version: Youtube thread
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I love youtube. One of the best things about the Internet.

I'll bet there are people that's never even looked at it!

I have several favourite channels, one of the best is Aquaholic, a fella who does boat tours with a GoPro. These yachts are eye wateringly expensive and these videos are as close as you'll ever get to seeing such luxury. 

BTW, it's me birthday in a few weeks, if anyone wants to buy me one I won't say no Wink

I'm sure that cruises on the Diamond Princess will be cheap enough these days.

My ex neighbours had a couple of sons who I got to know quite well during their long periods of shore leave. One was a freelance pilot, and another a crew member, who hired themselves out to rich yacht owners. They had a million and one stories, including seeing Elle MacPherson skinny dipping. Mostly Russian oligarchs and new capitalists, though.
An oddly satisfying series of videos, walks around London.

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