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Full Version: Sportsmanship
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Nice of Bournemouth to point out to Burnley that  they (Burnley) had picked an ineligible player pre-kick off. Very sporting. Ensured the result was decided on the pitch not in the rule book. Good on them.
How many other clubs would have done that, not many at all
Great to see Sean Dyche acknowledging it too. I've happy memories of Bournemouth from spending 3 years at College in the early 70s. They'd just signed Ted MacDougall and Phil Boyer from York City who scored goals for fun. In particular an FA Cup match when they beat Margate 11-0, Ted Mac getting 9 of them and 126 in the 2 1/2 seasons he was there. One of the comparatively few clubs still playing at the same ground nowadays.
Well done Bournemouth

What a place to study Alan!
The courses they do nowadays.

I wish I’d had the chance to do a BA (hons) in Alan Dawkins.
I don't remember much about the academic syllabus but there was a complex of 3 clubs part owned and occasionally attended by Jimmy Saville which provided an innocent abroad with a crash course in a number of vocational pursuits.