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Full Version: 9/11.
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On Channel 4, they were advertising a Documentary which is being shown soon. I think it is called 'The Kids of 9/11', it dawned on me that this year, it will be the 20th Anniversary of that day in 2001. Was a you knew where you were moment, can remember GCAFC having an away match at Cirencester Town that night.
 I have been lucky enough to visit New York on a few occasions. The first time was in October 2002. I went to Ground Zero, it was all fenced off, it was a massive void. The new foundation ground work was being done. 
 My last visit was about 5 years ago. The area looks completely different. Went to the top of the One World Trade Center. Got views of the Empire State Building in the distance, and the Statue of Liberty across the Hudson River. 
 Went to the Memorial Fountains which are where the Twin Towers stood. Shows the names of all the people who died that day.
We must have played Ciren twice in quick succession then because I remember going to ciren to watch us get knocked out in the FA Cup and then after the game watching England beat Germany 5-1 in a bar in ciren, that would have been a couple of weeks before 9/11.

On the day itself I was working in the candle factory which is roughly where the new houses are being built next to Sainsbury’s at the Quays, they must have had a problem with insurance because it burned down twice. It was a crap job but I always smelled nice at the end of the day. The news came over Severn sound in the factory.

What’s more memorable is watching it aftermath on TV later in the day, as horrifying now as it was then.
I'd just started upper 6th at Churchdown School and it was on in the library, which was across a hallway from the 6th form block.

It was right at the end of the day and I remember running from the library into the common room to tell everyone and people waiting for the punchline because they thought it was the start of a crap joke (I had a bit of a reputation for telling crap jokes). I then walked home with a friend and I remember it being really overcast but warm. Then watching it on TV all night was eerily fascinating.
On 9/11, I was at work in Quedgeley. I worked for a Company that produced Medical Components. Karl Bayliss's Dad worked there who I got to knew. Someone from the Department next door came in and told us what had happened. When I got home from work, the TV was on all night, utter disbelief. Also the news from the Pentagon, and the plane that had crashed in the field (passengers overcoming the hijacker's).
 About a month later, two American people came to visit Quedgeley from a Sister Company in Denver Colorado. I was talking to them about the work processes. It felt a bit awkward.

 Regarding the GCAFC match, I am sure we were away to Cirencester Town that night. It was a League game, drew 1 - 1. Believe Steve Jenkins scored.
I remember going to play five a side at Oxstalls that night. Obviously wasn't interested in Burns' Babes at Ciren. It was 1-1. Not sure of the score at Oxstalls.
I was driving back from a customer visit on the M5 when I heard and when home watched the coverage on the TV.
I have been lucky enough to visit NY on numerous occasions both business and personal and been to the twin towers before 2001, again 2 years after when it was big hole in the ground, only then do you realise the scale of the travesty and something that will live with me ever, last visit was just before Covid and seeing what they have completed with the new freedom tower, the memorial waterfall and the “museum” the American’s must be congratulated .