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Full Version: Heading & Degenerative Neurological Conditions
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With many of us (I suspect) having lost loved ones to degenerative neurological conditions (dementia, Alzheimer’s…) - some of which may have been due in part to heading waterlogged leather “medicine” balls, and with Spurs manager NES openly admitting they do not follow the current guidance on limiting heading practice - it is interesting to see that tomorrow, Spennymoor are hosting a charity match, acting as a pilot, where heading will be banned outside of either penalty box - a foul will be called for a header outside the box - in the 1st half; and no heading allowed whatsoever in the 2nd half.
I wonder how this issue will develop, will it go the way of Jimmy Hill’s experiment regarding swearing on the field of play?
Men have a 1 in 11 chance of developing alzheimer’s whilst women have a 1 in 6 chance.

Let people be. Everything in life carries some risk and to try and eradicate them all would lead to a very boring existence. The balls are already so much lighter, surely that will go a long way to diminishing the issue?