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Full Version: Blog take 2
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Alex Petheram

Glad to see that the view from the stand isn't impeded.

And if you like that fancy dress photo you should've been there when Dave got off the coach at the services dressed as Homer Simpson!
Thank you for the update AP, it's looking better every blog.

Alex Petheram

Thanks Neil, I heard about your fear from Dave I think, so wanted to get that photo for you sir Smile


Hi Shandy, 

I know you got confused with what day the Sunday article I commented on came out  Tongue ... So for you sir see attached (hope this works).

Neil - off thread topic but have you got one of Shandy as Brian Potter at Colwyn Bay ( complete with wheelchair)

Maybe a separate thread is needed for past fancy dress days
Thanks for posting the articule Alex,I was looking
For it online and couldn’t find it.
Great to see the community programs that the club
are doing with schools!
The forward thinking is excellent and it’s great and pleasing to watch from afar.
Thank you for the update AP, good progress again
Thank you for the update and the newspaper article, this has brightened up my Sunday morning. The works planned for the next two weeks will really visibly make a difference.

I have a photo of the fancy dress Eric mentions, it was a memorable day but as usual we lost at Colwyn Bay. Dave accompanied me into the ground as he could get in free as my carer, wheelchair users also free entry as well as very easy access to the bar as the waiting queue parted. I wheeled my way around the ground, there were a few home fans who got it, had we scored then I would have probably jumped out the chair!

Not sure how to attach it?

Here it is!

Here it is!

Here it is!

This time?
Thank you for the Update. Coming Home is becoming more and more real. Amazing to think that the last time we were at Meadow Park, Gloucester Quays did not exist. Possibilities of Away fans say coming to Gloucester for a long weekend, stay at Premier Inn / Travel Inn at the Quays. Go round the City / Quays / Football. Hopefully our fan base will increase. Future is looking promising.
Yep, Meadow Park feels very well connected to the new heart of the City Centre, and what a pre and post match crawl to the game taking in the bars of Gloucester Docks!

Bit different from taking your life in your hands at the Colin Campbell.
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