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Posted by: Rob K
11 hours ago
Forum: The COF
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Looks like Merthyr have suspended their Southern League season due to Covid. Hope they survive and we see them back next season. 

Hope this does not become a trend with Clubs having to opt out this season.

Good luck to them for the future

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Posted by: Prorsum Semper
Yesterday, 11:36 AM
Forum: The COF
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Interesting to see some views on here about watching rival clubs.
My personal view is it really depends what you grew up with from a young age, for example I would quite happily go and watch my Spanish teams local rivals that have just been promoted to La liga but none of my Spanish friends wouldn’t even consider it, I guess because I haven’t grown up with that rivalry I can’t understand it,
However I would never go to watch a C********m game unless it was vs City or Bristol City,FGR I would have before they became the marketing tool for DV.
Im getting the impression from new posters on here that a fair few live in Gloucester Maybe not born there and got their football fix from FGR or Chelt but will now come to watch City as were on their doorstep or they just couldn’t be bothered to travel as far as Evesham(understandable if your not hardcore)

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Posted by: charlie
Yesterday, 09:27 AM
Forum: The COF
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Alex and I were discussing a new walk out song this week and we wanted to open it up to the fans/Rowe/the players. We’re going to spend the new few days gathering as many opinions before making a shortlist of the best options, hopefully then ending in a poll to decide the winner.

We want it to be a song that the club keeps for a long time, so it shouldn’t be a cliche, shouldn’t be crap but something which many people would agree is a good fit for the club.

The current song is Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone.

Some suggestions I quite like are Alt-J - In Cold Blood (Baauer remix), Justice - Genesis or even returning to Lee Mills favourite Motörhead - The Game.

Now’s your chance to help us decide! The song before (with the commentary dubbed over) is Kasabian - Club Foot if that helps!

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Posted by: Exiled
20-09-2020, 08:29 PM
Forum: The COF
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For Dr Bob and other railway buffs "The Ghan" story is on channel until 23.00hours, enjoy!

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Posted by: Neil
20-09-2020, 01:58 PM
Forum: The COF
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Slimbridge were 3-0 up at half time yesterday against Basingstoke.

Final score? 3-6!

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Posted by: Severnside
19-09-2020, 05:47 PM
Forum: The COF
- Replies (27)

So lost 1-0 to Oxford.....
Not the best pre season results so far?
Pre season yes but we seem to be struggling to score so far with injuries we look light up front.....

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Posted by: Citygull
19-09-2020, 05:41 PM
Forum: Anything and Everything
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I'd forgotten the 10 minute sinbin is being introduced at National League Step5 (eg Hellenic Premier) and below. Just watched a County League match. Definitely seemed to reduce though not fully stop whining at the ref who eventually lost patience and after a couple of warnings sent one of the  few serial moaners to the bin. No-one complained (loudly) including the guy being dismissed or his bench.

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Posted by: Grey beard
19-09-2020, 02:03 PM
Forum: The COF
- Replies (19)

Lou Molulden  under18 England Man City player on loan until end of Jan 2021 SmileMore happy days.( goal keeper)

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Posted by: Andrew B
18-09-2020, 11:24 PM
Forum: Anything and Everything
- Replies (3)

When FGR beat Bolton away last weekend, it dawned on me that Bolton have slid through the leagues. During the mid 2000's, Bolton were a good Premier League Club. Managed by Sam Allardyce, they had players like Kevin Nolan, Ivan Campo, Jay Jay Okocha, Kevin Davies and Jussi Jaaskelainen. They moved from Burden Park to the Reebok. (Been to the Reebok to watch Arsenal in an FA Cup tie. Nice ground with a retail park close by).
   It's amazing how some clubs slip through the leagues. Stockport County for example, Championship Club to National League North. That is some adventure for a supporter to go through.

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