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Posted by: Nigeglos
2 hours ago
Forum: The COF
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Came across this. The limits for Oxford City are really quite tiny compared to the figures that city might be hoping for

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Posted by: drbob
Yesterday, 10:32 PM
Forum: The COF
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GC has left the club “by mutual agreement” according to the official Twitter. 

Shame, as his Delap style throws have contributed several goals so far this season. 

Wonder how long it will take him to find his way to Chesterfield?

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Posted by: Neil
Yesterday, 08:21 PM
Forum: The COF
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I spoke to Alex this afternoon

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Posted by: Eric Van Der Floof
Yesterday, 02:21 PM
Forum: The COF
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This time it’s Darlington who have called off their next 3 games

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Posted by: Daveangel
Yesterday, 12:17 PM
Forum: The COF
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Just glancing through the upcoming fixtures, and saw a run of 3 games I’d not noticed before.

9/1/21 Home vs Kiddy

16/1/21 Away vs York

23/1/21 Home vs Fylde

Obviously 9pts would be wonderful, but a tough ask. 

I’d settle for 5 and not being beaten!

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Posted by: Prorsum Semper
02-12-2020, 11:16 AM
Forum: The COF
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This season I’ve seen a lot of comments from fans from other teams hoping/pleased if we don’t pick up 3 points which years before haven’t probably been concerned about us, it’s great that 
they are concerned about us , mainly Ive seen from Kiddie,Hereford, Chester and some Telford fans trying to have a dig but on the other hand our traditional rivals C********m and FGR seem to want us to do well with the hope of a derby in the future.
It seems very strange but if teams such as Chester, Kiddie are talking about us it means we’re moving in the right direction as a club.
I suppose a bit of rivalry in our league will add interest and get bigger gates which is another positive.

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Posted by: Neil
01-12-2020, 02:21 PM
Forum: Anything and Everything
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Going pop.

I think I've shopped there twice in the last twenty years.

Town is going to be worse.

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Posted by: Darran
01-12-2020, 02:22 AM
Forum: The COF
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Clubs have been sent new guidance on Monday night and that stated that elite sides can not have away fans at matches whatever tier they are in. If anyone wants to read the full guidance the link is below. I have seen that singing is not to be encouraged and although masks wont be made mandatory whilst stood watching the game if you do want to sing you should wear a mask. I guess each club will decide on how strict they want to be with that sort of thing. Fair to say though that going to a football match is going to feel very different for some time yet.

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Posted by: OldDirtyGlasses
29-11-2020, 07:14 PM
Forum: The COF
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5 (completed) league matches for Boston so far; 4 of those in October and only 1 in November. Played 3 away, 2 wins (Leamington & Southport) 1 loss (Fylde), scored 6 - conceded 2. They were beating Darlo by 2 goals to nil until the abandonment, also away. Tricky fixture this, but we beat them 3-0 at “home” last season- hopefully we have some players fit and firing, if so, we can get something from this one...hope it’s ‘more than a feeling’...

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Posted by: Andrew B
29-11-2020, 06:49 PM
Forum: Anything and Everything
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Chorley who are 21st in National League North, were drawn away to Peterborough United who are 2nd in League One, in the FA Cup.
    Chorley went 1-0 down in the 2nd minute, but scored two goals in the space of about 3 minutes in the second half to win 2-1. 
Talksports Adrian Durham will be happy being a Peterborough Supporter.
     Well Done Chorley.

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