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Posted by: Grey beard
02-03-2021, 12:34 PM
Forum: The COF
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Ian st John passed away to day,ex Liverpool and Scotland international.
The other half of st and greaves TV show from way back,and another football player to pass away this year.

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Posted by: Andrew B
02-03-2021, 01:59 AM
Forum: The COF
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GCAFC have been in National League North/South since the 2009/10 season. I have kept all of the away game programmes since that season, the first one that I have is Southport away August 2009.
   Looking through the programmes the teams we have played the most are Brackley Town, AFC Telford Utd, Solihull Moors, Oxford City. Someone else we have played on a few occasions is Worcester City.
    I have 7 programmes from this away fixture. They like us, have experienced being in exile. These fixtures having been played at St George's Lane, Aggborough, and Bromsgrove Sporting. The first programme from the 2010/11 season, was a Saturday 1st January game with a 1,00pm Kick Off. A constant in the programmes is WCFC Manager Carl Healey. He faces David Mehew and his good mate Tim Harris, who is now manager at WCFC. Looking at the line ups, players have played for both clubs. Mike Symons, Tyler Weir, Charlie Reece were at GCAFC then went to WCFC. In one programme is a Profile on Ethan Moore who joined us from Worcester, but sadly got injured. Nick Wright has also been at both clubs. In the last programme against them, Colby Bishop is in the Worcester Squad. A player we had on loan from Notts County.
   In the programmes that they produced at Aggborough, it shows adverts for the food on offer. Cottage Pie, Chicken Curry, Steak and Kidney pie etc. One of the best places for Matchday food.
    Looking at the programmes (St George's Lane era), it was a club that was in 11th, 7th and 5th. They were getting good crowds, doing alright. At Aggborough they were 20th, 12th and 15th in the seasons before they played us. 
     The pages on GCAFC show the Club History and Player Profiles. With other original articles on the Club. One programme giving the lowdown on our new signings, Jack Deaman, Keiran Thomas, Leroy Odiero, Calvin Dinsley, karnell Chambers and some others.
      The programme produced for the fixture at Bromsgrove Sporting has a good write up on us. It gives a latest on the situation at Meadow Park. It also shows recent results in the fixtures between us which make for good reading.
Sad to see where Worcester are now. Hopefully they can get back to where they should be.

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Posted by: Prorsum Semper
28-02-2021, 03:04 PM
Forum: The COF
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If the season gets n&v who would be your player of the season?

I would go for Tommy O’Sullivan as he was supposed to be the weak link under Rowe but every time I’ve seen him play he’s been constantly good, makes the game look so easy, technically excellent if only he could get 10 goals a season.....,hopefully we will see him again next year,best young player probably would go to JJ or Lovett who’s made the number 1 shirt his own imo, Morgan’s done well but has made a few mistakes along the way.

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Posted by: Eric Van Der Floof
22-02-2021, 10:09 PM
Forum: The COF
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For those that don’t do social media, the club have issued a statement today with an update to shareholders - link below

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Posted by: Grey beard
22-02-2021, 05:13 PM
Forum: The COF
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How would fans feel if one or two player's went off on loan to a conference side until the end of season.
Do you think that P G would want it to happen or even our owner's after what has happend this season?

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Posted by: Lee
22-02-2021, 10:03 AM
Forum: The COF
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Unfortunately this is an annual occurrence as Neil will testify, but hosting companies love sending out a big invoice each year!

While I signed up for 2 years of hosting, it transpires this didn't include the domain, backup and virus protection and HostPapa have doubled the price of all of them!

So I am going to have to get the begging bowl out and ask if anyone can dig deep and donate a few quid.

We need £100.00 by March 4th or the screen will go black (don't worry AP, not yellow and black!)

You can donate here

Any excess will be sent to The Supporters Trust

The invoice is attached for transparency

Thank you as always and I'm truly sorry to be on the scrounge!

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Posted by: Andrew B
21-02-2021, 01:54 PM
Forum: Anything and Everything
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Came across this on YouTube. It shows two blokes driving around Gloucester City centre and the outskirts. They drive through Northgate and Southgate Street in a time that you could. They go to Kings Square where you can see the fountains. This was a time of Austin Maestros and Montegos. Might not see many mobile phones around or people texting.
This was at a time when the events of 9/11, the Internet and Covid had not yet come on the scene.
This was a year before I started supporting GCAFC.

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Posted by: Eric Van Der Floof
20-02-2021, 09:16 PM
Forum: The COF
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AP was on BBC Radio York again this evening along with Dorking’s Marc White and Ollie Bayliss

Grab a beer or a cuppa and give it a listen. Starts from 31 minutes in

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Posted by: drbob
19-02-2021, 01:18 PM
Forum: The COF
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A huge 'Thank You' to all those responsible for what has probably been the most exciting half season in the time that I've beeen involved with the club. 

There are so many people that if I start naming them I'm sure to miss somebody out, so I'll only name groups of people and I'll probably still forget somebody!

It starts with the super New Meadow Park and those responsible for it, the squad assembled by JR (the first shoots were seen at Evesham at the end of last season and came into full bloom with the new season), particularly those who chose to stay with City, the new players brought in by PG, the volunteers (without whom no games could have been played), the streaming crew (particularly the City Legends who were co-commentators).

Between you all, you've provided a bright spot in a dismal year that will otherwise be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Thank you all again.

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