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Posted by: Neil
20-02-2024, 12:03 PM
Forum: The COF
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Gloucester City have never played a game at Wembley and neither have they have a match broadcast on TV either as the home team or the away team.

Whilst we may not be the highest ranked club to not play at Wembley I'd be very surprised if we weren't the one who haven't appeared on TV. Any of you boffins know any better?

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Posted by: HeathBrewer
18-02-2024, 08:39 PM
Forum: The COF
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While we wait with great interest for the results of the meeting...I figured maybe we should have a thread about the craziness of the decision making about our Club.

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Posted by: Neil
17-02-2024, 10:52 PM
Forum: Anything and Everything
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Gloucestershire cricket legend Mike Procter has passed away aged 77.

Mike Procter: South Africa cricket legend dies aged 77 - BBC Sport

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Posted by: Paul
17-02-2024, 09:37 PM
Forum: The COF
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Facing reality and given that barring an unforeseen miracle City are heading back to the SL (South or Central?) what should be the priorities and aims of the club? Eg:

What are the chances of bouncing back in one season? 
Is it likely given the input and reduced financial outlay from the owners this season? 
Does it need a complete change of ownership and hierarchy at the top for the club to where some supporters think we should be?
How is that achieved? 
Do we accept SL is our level? 
If we're contesting at the top our likely rivals? 
Size of attendances? 
Etc, etc, etc. 

Looking forward to mixing it up with the big boys of Hamlet FC next season...

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Posted by: Citygull
17-02-2024, 11:45 AM
Forum: The COF
- Replies (12)

Today's new signing is Opi Edwards, winger, on loan from Weston. Available for selection today.

Sorry Dave, didn't see you'd already posted!

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Posted by: GCAFC Supporters Trust
16-02-2024, 07:00 PM
Forum: The COF
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Trust chair Robin Mogg is this evening meeting with the club’s new general manager, Jay Marriott.

After having consulted fans, Robin will raise the following issues:

• clarification on the ownership of the club
• facilities for disabled fans at NMP
• next season’s shirt colour
• the provision at the ground of a lost property box

He will also have a general discussion about the fan experience on match days, following last week’s incident.

Robin said: “I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet with Jay to discuss issues that are important for fans and hope this is the beginning of a positive and productive relationship between the Trust and the club.”

The Trust, which is affiliated to the Football Supporters’ Association, has this week welcomed ten new members, bringing the total to 89 – around 10% of our average gate.

Robin added: “There’s never been a more important time for fans to have their say in the running in the club. You can join us here:

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Posted by: Daveangel
16-02-2024, 03:47 PM
Forum: The COF
- Replies (9)

Big lump of a CB joins us.

Have we ever had a player from the DR Congo before?!

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Posted by: Neil
15-02-2024, 10:02 PM
Forum: The COF
- Replies (3)

Jared Thompson signed from Weymouth.

I'm pretty certain that he's the younger brother of Conor Thompson who played for us between 2012 and 2014.

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Posted by: Daveangel
15-02-2024, 05:02 PM
Forum: The COF
- Replies (89)

I’m not going to lie, even I’m not confident that we can carry out The Great Escape, but for us to have any chance, I think this is a genuine MWG.

Lose, and I think it’s pretty much done and dusted.

Can we do it?

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Posted by: Neil
13-02-2024, 10:36 PM
Forum: The COF
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I know it's not exactly top of anyone's agenda but are we playing the next round any time soon? Or has it been done covertly?!!

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