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Posted by: Neil
02-02-2024, 12:24 PM
Forum: The COF
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Starting this one early.

Big game tomorrow. It's sh1t or bust as far as I'm concerned, the last two wins have been excellent but they've only been the foundation for us to get out. It's like Jesse trying to get out of that cage in Breaking Bad. Or Marv climbing out of the basement in Home Alone 2.

Nothing but a win for me. Please be an Alfreton or a Curzon and not a Blyth or Darlington.

No Harry Emmett so Jame Reckord needs to be fit and I'd start the lad from Harrogate on the left hoping that he's a pacy winger who can get in behind them. I'd like to start two up front but no matter how I try to fit everyone in we'd need to start with twelve players.

And lets fill the ground. Get behind them. Get behind them, get behind your football team.

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Posted by: T-End is in sight
30-01-2024, 11:52 PM
Forum: The COF
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Just wanted to provide an update on where we’re up to with the man club…

I was contacted by AMC today and they are delighted to set up a group in Gloucester.  They take the set up very seriously though and it usually takes about 3 months from start to finish, but they have said based on what I told them that they’ll fast track things if they can.  They take care of the launch, organising the social media and we’ll have a pop up tent in the City centre or Quays nearer the time to raise awareness. 

I’m still hoping the meetings can be held at the football club. Of course meetings will be open to all men, but my main focus is football fans and supporting the club with its community presence.

Myself and other facilitators have to attend 8 group sessions and receive training before we can start, so I will be attending my first meeting on Monday. 

We will be running another matchday awareness session, but given the above, this will likely now be on 10th Feb rather than 3rd Feb, as the meeting on Monday will give me a better understanding of what we’ll be offering and I can share more specific information with anyone interested.

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Posted by: Paul
30-01-2024, 01:59 PM
Forum: The COF
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What has happened with the Gloucester Brewery deal? At the Blyth Spartans match I was told by the person serving in the kiosk by the club shop that they were still serving Greene King beers.

Is this because we're still contracted to use their beers until the end of the season and the Gloucester Brewery beers will kick in then, or is the GB deal not happening now?

The large flags that were present at the Hereford match. Don't think they've appeared since? Any reason?

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Posted by: Andrew B
29-01-2024, 09:51 AM
Forum: Anything and Everything
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There are over 400 varieties of Kit Kat, in Japan.

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Posted by: Daveangel
28-01-2024, 09:51 AM
Forum: The COF
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I’ve not got a quote back yet, so I’m guessing on pricing, but I estimate £20 a head for a 34 seater and maybe £15 if we fill a big one, which must surely be possible for such a huge game.
New ground for many too i imagine. 
To get there at a sensible time (it’s near pubs etc), shall we say leave MP at 12.15pm?

This pub is right by the ground.

2.Tim P
4.Tim C
10.Evesham Phil
13.Chris A
18.Father Al
21.Phil Bishop
22.John Pugh
23.Andrew B
24.Steve D
25.Simon M
26.Graham D
27.Geoff Henderson

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Posted by: Wilesy
27-01-2024, 10:47 PM
Forum: The COF
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If ever there was a game to bring a mate to it's next Saturday at home. The latest in a line of must win, winnable games.

Could someone at the club update the ticket link page to the next two games please? I reckon entry to both games for £20 would be popular to get any floating supporters in  Blush

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Posted by: Gladfans
27-01-2024, 01:12 PM
Forum: The COF
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A youthful exiting winger from Hereford it would appear.

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Posted by: Joe
27-01-2024, 10:04 AM
Forum: The COF
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The latest in a series of "must win" games today. Can we pick up our second away win of the season? If we get our best team out, we really should. Hopefully a couple of the missing defenders from Tuesday are back.

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Posted by: Neil
27-01-2024, 12:53 AM
Forum: The COF
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Both City's goals from tonights 2-5 defeat to Newent Town Dev XI

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Posted by: Daveangel
26-01-2024, 07:17 PM
Forum: The COF
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Harrogate have just announced this young left sided striker has joined us on loan. Scored on his debut for their first team.

Edit. Though we have described him as a midfielder. Left wing presumably.

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