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Hednesford Town - Stable Lad - 26-05-2023

They issued a statement yesterday which said they will not be able to compete next season due to a collapse in a proposed ownership takeover at the 12th hour.   Feel very much for their supporters.  Makes me realise just how fortunate we've been.

RE: Hednesford Town - Exiled - 28-05-2023


Sad, smashing ground and stands.

Last time I was there, Jimmy scored a smashing goal, pity he did not stay with City!

RE: Hednesford Town - Neil - 28-05-2023

James Bowen?

RE: Hednesford Town - Exiled - 29-05-2023

(28-05-2023, 11:08 PM)Neil Wrote:  James Bowen?

Correct! But jimmy to his friends   ! [Image: angel.png]

RE: Hednesford Town - Stable Lad - 02-06-2023

Seems they'll be playing after all!!

RE: Hednesford Town - Neil - 02-06-2023

The big teasers!