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You are the ref - Neil - 24-09-2023

I don't know every law of the game so assume the player has done nothing wrong here and the referee is wrong to book him initially. Then the player tells him he's wrong and gets another yellow for that!

RE: You are the ref - Daveangel - 24-09-2023

Well confused by that clip when I saw it earlier. Happy to bow to greater knowledge, but is that even a foul, and he looked like he was confused rather than angry!

RE: You are the ref - Si Robin - 25-09-2023

I shared it on another forum - standing in front of the keeper is apparently a bookable offence. I never knew this.

RE: You are the ref - MrMatt - 25-09-2023

I had no idea this was a bookable offence either. I always thought it was fine if he was outside the area and didn't attempt to play the ball while the keeper was in kicking 'motion'.
There is nothing to stop the keeper from stepping back a few yards to safely kick the ball out.

How many yards away would he have to be until he isn't classed as standing in front of the keeper?!