World Cup

For those of us who follow the Women's game the fun and excitement of the World Cup is now just days away.  Although the tournament is down in Australia the KO times for the Lionesses group games have not worked out badly; believe its 10.30 on Saturday that we ko.

Can the Lionesses win?  Absolutely we can.  Slight problem is though there are quite a few other sides who think the same thing and with good cause; Germany, Spain and the USA in particular imo.  I think Australia will go deep into the competition as well. Then we have Brazil!! Loosing Leah and Beth has been a big knock to us and of course we don't have Ellen or Jill either.  But we've some very talented youngsters in Lauren and Katie coming into the squad.  Rach playing up front this time is exciting, Jordan missed out on the Euros with injury and is one heck of a player to have on your side.  Personally I think its tremendous that Beth E is back and I am sure if she's given the opportunities she will be a star of the tournament; my outside bet for the golden Boot.  

Probably though the most important result though will be what tournament can bring to raise the profile of the game up another notch again both at the WSL level but down the pyramid to grass roots too. 

A winning start and some goals on Saturday after what's not been the best of build ups and we'll be on our way.  Can't wait.

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