(05-11-2023, 11:05 AM)Allan Woodham Wrote:  Having spoken too a number of fellows fans at the Warrington game,  some of them  told me that the club had  financial problems?.Then reading the report from the Chairman's Questions,  it came clear that the Club and freehold were up for sale? My big concern is , we might get a new board and they decide to wind the old board up in order to avoid paying off any outstanding debt. We have seen this happen beforeat Glasgow Rangers for example,  they did exactly this and was demoted to the bottom tier in Scotland. My fear , this could happen to City. Hereford United was demoted and had to start again from the lower leagues. Worcester City are playing sides like Stonehouse and Longlevens. I Sincerely hope this doesn't happen to City. If it means we have to  put up the gate money to inject extra Cash for the club , this would  be a better option then finding us playing in some obscure league in the future.
Tuffley Rovers lost to Worcester City the other evening at Glevum Park. You can sit on the old yellow and black seats salvaged from Meadow Park at Rovers. If we do get wound up and dropped down that far it'll be just like the good old days. I'm sure Worcester City would be keen to revisit our rivalry.  Smile

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