Fair Play handshake discontinued.

(07-03-2020, 06:18 PM)Eric Van Der Floof Wrote:  And the players all shook hands at the end of the game so bit pointless doing away with fair play handshake before the game.

What individuals do is down to them and this was recognised when discussing game practices. Fair Play handshakes was mandatory so by it’s removal it allows personal choice. I was never in favour of the system anyway. 

Looking back 30 years it was less complicated and less contact precluded a lot of things from developing. The modern day enthusiasm for everyone to want to be on the pitch at the end of a match and to go around applauding fans and even hugging them over the barriers is unwarranted. And how many times do we see unpleasant scenes on the field with managers/players and match officials and even with fans. Watch some of the old videos from way back and on average much less hassle.

Coronavirus may well change a lot of human practices around the globe. Just look at the lessening of polluted air in China for a start. Sorry moving away from just shaking hands but it is an easy way to pass on a virus et al.

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