Thank you

Yes emptying the bins and clearing the terraces of rubbish is not great fun at the end of the game. But the more rubbish means a bigger crowd. And it gives me a kick to keep our ground tidy. Thanks to all the others who keep things going for us and make it a fun and safe place to be.  Smile

Agreed, everyone does a great job under sometimes difficult circumstances. As a new regular attendee this season it's been good to see the same faces in and around the ground doing the volunteering, saying hello to more and more familiar faces as you see them and learn who they are/what they do, plus seeing the ones on here and putting names to faces. It does help build a sense of community.

Credit to all involved, you're all great.

Thanks to all our volunteers, from the Supporters trust, to our outgoing chairman and manager. It has been a whirlwind of a season. I'm sure more turbulent times lye ahead as we are Gloucester city after all. But those that have put in so much have a few weeks off, I think we might be needing you more than ever ( well not as much as when at evesham) next season.

As I understand it one of the incoming chairman and his wife are particularly good at generating interest valuing volunteers etc which will be a huge plus and hopefully get more people involved.

Yes thanks and great credit is due to those who have done their bit this season- clubs cannot function without you.

We've seen it's been very difficult to recruit volunteers this season for one reason or another and these days I don't know them all by name, but from Lisa and the turnstile team, Gray, Mim and their merry band of cleaners, Charlie on tannoy, Trev, Emma, Penno and Dave selling golden goals, cash draw and tat (sorry I mean merch) Ian and the stewards and anyone else who has given up their Saturday or Tuesday night to keep the club running. I salute you

And a big thank you to Lee for keeping the COF going for another season!

(05-05-2023, 09:45 AM)Kitto Wrote:  And a big thank you to Lee for keeping the COF going for another season!


If ever it goes down for an hour or so, I feel like a lost soul! Smile

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

Echo all of the above sentiments (maybe not Darran's!).

A superb season. Best we've had at this level. Memories that will last a long time.

Thanks to everyone on and off the pitch who made it possible.

Yes Joe, I concur.

(05-05-2023, 10:19 AM)Daveangel Wrote:  This.

If ever it goes down for an hour or so, I feel like a lost soul! Smile
Absolutely agreed. The COF is how I stay anyway and involved with the Club. You are all a blessing for this lone fan on the other side of the pond. Thank you Lee for keeping this forum going. 

While I'm at it, thank you Dave for linking me with this outstanding group of people and Club. Thank you Neil for your great picture making skills. Thank you everyone who ensures there is football in Gloucester for people like me to enjoy, both at home and abroad! You are simply amazing!

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