Ball boys

We had a bit of random conversation during the second half of Chorley about ball boys. A few times this season we have seen players running across the pitch to retrieve balls (or walking slowly depending on the score) or Manse smashing a spare ball from the technical area across field as the ball has gone over one of the stands. 

Wouldn’t it make sense to get some of the youngster involved in the club at junior level to become ball boys. Especially if continue to play this 5-2-2-1 system where sometimes a quick counter attack down the wings or goal keeper can open an opportunity to score? Obviously they would need to be switched on enough to work to our advantage  Wink - one behind our goal and there goal and one either side of the pitch in the attacking end! 

Get the next blood of youngsters involved in the club, could help nick the odd goal and doesn’t cost a penny?  


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