First football memory?

(01-06-2022, 07:00 PM)Ant Wrote:  Italia 90 although I remember my mum collecting the coins from the petrol station for me more clearly than any of the matches.
That was an immense tournament, I also remember collecting those coins from the petrol station,They were classy.

(02-06-2022, 08:24 AM)Kingo Wrote:  1977 FA Cup Final, Liverpool v Man U, Liverpool, lost and I remember going out on my Rayleigh bike for a ride and cried - since then I have always been a Liverpool supporter (chose them as they had nice red shirts - I was very young!)
I followed Liverpool when I was very young and also cried when Dave Beasent saved John Aldridges penalty,about 25 years later I bumped into Beasent at a local bar where I live as he plays golf here and I got to tell him that in person,top bloke by the way.

I thought this was going to be like the George Reilly story where he was working on a building site after he'd retired and a Plymouth fan punched him because he scored the goal that beat them in the FA Cup semi final.

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Comprehensive City press cutting archive

Two stick out for me, although was definitely hooked before either. Crying like a baby when Michael Thomas scored for Arsenal to decide the title as a 6 year old on holiday in Bournemouth.  And being at the old meadow Park when not much older and exasperating a then city player (no idea who other than he had a perm) as I attempted and failed to throw him the ball to take a quick throw in.

That'll be Martin Williams, Mazzer, left back.

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