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I'm off in a while down to Bristol to watch Glos v Essex in the T20

I hope the Shire can score more than England did......

(03-06-2022, 02:11 PM)SHANDY LOVE MACHINE Wrote:  I'm off in a while down to Bristol to watch Glos v Essex in the T20

I hope the Shire can score more than England did......
That shouldn't be a problem  Big Grin

Bad luck Shandy

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Bad luck, bad luck!? I'll tell you about about bad f-ing luck.

Literally as I stepped outside my house it started spitting or so I thought. It was Mrs S hanging out the bedroom window spozzing up all over me which was a reversal of the usual roles.

The weather forecast was showers but hit and miss and moving through so Ihad some optimism. Waited for the 10 to arrive to connect with my train - it was a no show so had to cadge a lift to the station.

Train cancelled. Consequently the next train was rammed but the Covid Express got to Temple Meads OK and even managed to connect to a number 73 taking us to Nevil Road. Except it didn't make it. At the Haymarket the driver takeover didn't happen so I sat for half an hour in the bus with a near riot of people outside getting soaked but not even allowed on the bus to nowhere. Eventually we were transferred onto another absolutely rammed bus.


By this time it was raining lions and bulldogs, and just got worst and worster, notwithstandingtheless wandered over anyway to a pretty much deserted but inebriated Cricket Ground. The sky was clear just to the east but the rainclouds just hung over us. Then, at the point it stopped raining and the warm late evening sun came out the tannoy announced the abandonment of the game.


The bus back to the station was fine, but strangely I found myself in the queue back chatting with Naseem Shah, the young Pakistani cricket international and Gloucestershire Overseas player. He'd never heard of Gloucester City Football Club.

Train fine, in time to catch last no 10 bus to Brockworth. It was showing as late, late, late then dropped off the bus shelter monitor. So shank's pony for me. And then, ten minutes later, and with me between stops on the wrong side of the road, came and went the No 10. Now I know why it's called the number 10. One int en turns up, and then ten minutes later than advertised. Over an hour later, home, past midnight. What a day!

And this is also my 1000th post - I really must get out more.

Or not, look what happens when I do!

(03-06-2022, 08:07 PM)Neil Wrote:  Bad luck Shandy

Riveting viewing, just like being there, which I was.

If you fast forward to 1:42:31 I am just walking next to the cream coloured tent to the left of the picture, unfortunately just off screen.

I was wondering how you got to the cricket ground. I'm loathe to go there since the sold off the car park for those flats. It's even a mile to walk from Montpelier station and that's in awkward directions too. I've found it easier to get to the Oval and Lords than to get to our own "home" ground.

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Bairstow just missed the fastest England 100.
Record holder is Gloucestershires Gilbert Jessop 2 balls less than Bairstow - in truth it would have been MUCH quicker for Jessop as he hit 27 x 4s and ran one 5.
But no 6s - Why?
In 1902 you had to CLEAR the ground NOT boundary for a 6!!, apparently one "4" was caught in the players pavilion but it was still only a 4.
Amazing fact that!

Cheers Barry, that's fascinating. Cricket is definitely a game for nerds like us.

That was an insane score by England Vs Holland on Friday. England scored 484 - 4, (a Record for a One Day International) three England players scored 100's.
 My Brother in Law was out there watching it. He was on a Stag Do.

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, SYMONDS, Tucker, Wollen.

Did he pass out for the last 14 runs?

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