Euro 2022

If you are planning to watch video Virgin TV suggest you switch on early. Local Fb posts are reporting problems getting some channels and just now ours is not connecting at all !!! Grrrr

Took 30 mins to set up and even then the channel info is missing but at least BBC is now on. Had to reboot which crept up v slowly to 6% and suddenly the TV appeared

The joys of a chipped Firestick.

Just watched a Brighton v Brentford friendly as a warm up!

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

Astonishing, emotional, wonderful. Tremendous squad performance. Huge respect to Mary for some world class saves when the result was far from certain. Leah, Fran, Mille, Rach, the list goes on

Roll on Sunday.

One to go

Well, yesterday's trip to MK was a bit more adventurous than I'd have hoped, but the game was enjoyable. Best team won on the night but in my humble opinion on that performance England go into Sunday with a real chance of a result. Stadium itself was really good.

We wore our City sweatshirts which were noticed by Jonathan Van-Tam who was at the match resplendent in his Boston tie. NLN on the road!!

Don't go to the big stadiums often but all 3 surprised me with how good the food was and a fair price too. Things have improved. Good though it was I can say with hand on heart that the food at the TT is every bit as good, if not better.

So onto Sunday......

Brilliant and thoroughly well deserved, we looked head and shoulders above every other team over the course of the tournament. Huge moment for womens football.

It's Come Home!!! A Huge Congratulations to England Women on Winning Euro 2022. I thought it was going to a Penalty shootout. 
 Hopefully England Men can do well in the Qatar World Cup, 2022.

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, SYMONDS, Tucker, Wollen.

Just got back, what a day. I couldn't even begin to describe the atmosphere.

So I won't.

Home, tired, emotional, long since lost my voice but so very happy. We cheered, sang, danced and yes, there were a couple of tears as well. An emotional roller coaster of a match which we'll never forget.

What a game that was!
Nerve wracking to watch on TV so can’t imagine what it was like in the stadium! Looked like a great atmosphere.

All joking aside, I hope the FA are going to do something with the players in order they can deal with a massive surge in popularity, and also assist them getting their moods level again. When you get that high it can be a long way to come down and that has to be managed carefully.

I always remember when we won the Midland Division Championship in 1990 at home to Grantham for days after I couldn't sleeping, was on the sauce partying way after the open top taxi had paraded the trophy around the streets of Matson. I wore my City top with pride everywhere, and was often stopped in C & A, or Wimpy, by people telling me they were going to come down to Meadow Park and start watching City once the Docks had been redeveloped.

It was difficult to deal with and I descended into a spiral of depression which I only got over when we went to King's Lynn on the last day of the season and won 2-0.

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