Good afternoon all

The new season is fast approaching us here at Gloucester City AFC.
Following on from the fixture announcement this morning, I thought it would be an ideal time to get the ball rolling regarding our 3 big away games that are scheduled for August.

In terms of the Supporters Coaches, I’ll now be heading this up moving forwards as part of my new role here at the club, so please if you have any questions or would like further information etc please don’t hesitate to contact me, my doors always open as they say.

Please bare in mind that prices at times may be higher than last season, obviously with the current fuel situation this can’t be helped I’m sorry.  I assure you that I’m working closely with KB Coaches and we’re both doing our very best to make the trips as affordable as possible for you all.

So first up is Darlington FC
Saturday 6th August 2022
The cost for this will be £30.00 per adult
Departure times etc to be confirmed

To book your seat you can either email myself on info@gcafc.co.uk, message me directly or simply comment your full name below.

Let’s get the season off to a flyer, Lee and the lads want/need our amazing supporters there so let’s not disappoint.

Many thanks
Dave Herridge

Supporters List To Date…

D Herridge
Donation Seat
Donation Seat
Donation Seat
Donation Seat
Donation Seat
Donation Seat
L Pierce
I Henderson
Toby Ackland
Phil Gough
John Pugh
Philip Bishop
Kevin Young
Adam Whitmore
Rob Ashworth
Mike Ashworth
Steve Guy
Reg Gurney
Mike Hedley-Ward
Damian Dawe
Steve D
Allan Simpson
Leon England
Matt Phillips
Robert Byrne
Sam Howley

Good start, a few names down already. Lee Mansell and team will need decent support for this first game, so get on this if at all possible.

Up to 16 now so off to a good start thank you.
Anyone else wanting to book a seat please let me know.

Can you put me down for one please ? Steve D

One for me please if still running.

For those of you that’s already seen Lee Mansell’s latest interview, it proves just how much it means to him and the players having away fans at the games.

We’re so close to being able to run the coach to Darlington next Saturday. If anybody else would like a seat or would like to make a donation towards the cost please let me know as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Fair play to the 3 donations, that’s very kind. Hopefully everyone is still up for this and that we fill the coach shortly.


Please if your name is down ensure that you actually do come, this is vital.
I’m currently £330.00 short on this so will be paying that myself (me personally not the club just to reiterate) if no more seats or donations are sold it’s going to cost me the above plus my seat. We have 8 seats remaining, please do all you can to help spread the word. Not only is it better having more supporters there, it also means that my wife might just refrain from killing me when she finds out.

Now for the details…

Coach departs TigerTurf Stadium at 9am sharp.
The 1883 Bar will be open from 7.45am for breakfast, coffee and even a pint.
There will be a stop both on the way up and way back, for those with weak bladders there’s also a toilet onboard.
Expected arrival time back in Gloucester will be approximately 10pm.
1883 Bar will be open for drinks to finish the day off nicely (hopefully with 3 points to celebrate).

Price is still £30.00 per person. I know some have offered to pay more to help cover my losses which is massively appreciated thank you, there’s no pressure to do this though. Cash on the day is fine, if anyone would like to pay by bank transfer please message me and I can supply bank details etc.

Look forward to seeing you all Saturday morning, going to be a great day for sure.

I am unable to go Saturday due to other commitments, however I will pop £30 to TT stadium Saturday morning.

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