(03-08-2022, 10:24 PM)MeadowClark Wrote:  and I don't think they created a single clear opportunity all game.

Reminds me of us at Concord, opening day under Ricco, "we weren't at the races" or words to that effect from him after we'd been beaten 0-2. What do teams bother with pre-season for?

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Comprehensive City press cutting archive

You say the mighty, but I think they had a rapid rise to the Southern league from much lower echelons. I can remember playing against them when I was at Uni in Bristol the early 90s, so they couldn't have been that good.

Unless we played their seventh eleven

Think it has always been a case of what might have been for the mangos. For the level they were at, pretty decent ground, covered on 3 sides and a stand. They had success in those seal and Edwards years and had a few players who went onto play professionally. Were they prevented promotion one year as amongst other things they didn't have names on some of the seats ? 
May be 7 or 8 years ago They announced their plan was national League south level in 5 years but I don't think the money was ever reliably there. How easy it is to sell a dream to willing believers.......
The supporters club was always a bit small and they didn't seem to be that proactive. No flyers to the houses round and about. They had a big positive in that Emersons green and all those houses were built but for whatever reason it never turned into the crowds it might have. Had a good link into city and rovers, both used to play at mangos in pre season and rovers was a first team run out. At some point Cleeve rugby club was built next door,new function rooms, decent playing standard and those hire functions which used to exist for mangos presumably went elsewhere.
Think Boris got fed up of being told budgets would not be cut mid season and losing players. Felt like they relied on cup progress which was such a gamble.They were seriously hurt one year when they got through a round of the fa cup only to find they had fielded an ineligible player, the player hadn't told them of a ban I think in Sunday football. I think one year the playing budget was cut twice despite being assured the budget would be maintained. One game the players trudged off at the end and for half of them, that was it. I think,might be wrong, Boris had persuaded players to stay after the first cut on the basis it wouldn't happen again.
I saw their recent peak a few years back, a play off semi final defeat v Frome and it has been slow steady season by season decline since then. It was men's football in the play off and as they declined it became more like youth Footie, no city or rovers youngsters any more.
Their rivals and near neighbours Yate took on the challenge of progressing up the pyramid. They took one or two mangos players to help them.
If someone with some money had come in, I think they might have progressed. Half the players at one point seemed ex city. It was like a city reserve side and you couldn't sign unless you had donned the yellow n black.
Time and money has bypassed the club since and I think it has found a new level based on the money put in.
That 5 year plan collapsed in that play off defeat and although no one knew at the time, the better times had gone

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