Supporters Club Sponsor a Goal 2022/2023

With the season kicking off this weekend, the Supporters Club are launching the Sponsor a Goal fundraiser for the new season. 

You can pledge what you like for goals being scored by the team, by an individual player, clean sheets kept, hat tricks, number of supporters attending games, games or points won by City. Or you can come up with your own scenerio

To make your pledge, post here. We aim to provide monthly updates this season on what what’s been raised. So Manse and the team, it’s over to you…..

I’ll go a pound for every Philips goal, and a pound for every card free game for our Captain fantastic.

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

My usual please - £5 for every clean sheet. Hopefully, I'll have to pay £230 by the end of the season as long as it's not for 46 nil-nil draws Huh

£10 per hatrick £2.50 a brace.

Perhaps instead of clean sheets, I should sponsor no yellow cards in a match (£5) and deduct £10 for every red card - I reckon the players would end up owing me money at the end of the season! [Image: biggrin.png]

I’ll go for £1 for each league point.

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