Best/Worst Game of 2019/20.

(23-05-2020, 05:12 PM)charlie Wrote:  For the football best match has to be Kettering. The way we came from 2 down in front of a large crowd with a great vocal following and a brilliant performance puts it up there as one of the best City games I've been to full stop.

For the actual day I'd have to mention Kettering because it's so close to home for me!
Surprised you can remember it

(23-05-2020, 05:16 PM)Ray Tango Wrote:  Surprised you can remember it

I can't remember much from about 3ish till 5ish

As a few others have said best game for me would have to be Blyth Away at the start of the season. Good result and weekend away up north.

Kidderminster Away was a night to remember, 100 plus City fans there and you couldn’t hear the Kidderminster fans as we made some real noise. 2-0 down after 20 minutes and to come back and win 2-3 was something special.
Worst game would have to be Whitby at home, we were all confident after the late equalizer in the first game. However we just never looked up for it and deserved to be knocked out.

I think we can all now start to enjoy home games again. You could see that no one enjoyed going to Evesham and that had a big impact on games.

(23-05-2020, 05:01 PM)Toby Wrote:  Chester was pretty awful too, 2-0 down after 5 minutes I think, and less than a week after the Kiddy game.

I really fancied us to get something there and bet on us to win!

Having backed us to win at Kiddie and for us to then do it in the way we did was pretty amazing, especially as all the Asian punters wanted to be on Kiddie and it is always nice to get one over them.

As for a game I was at I thought we were superb at Kings Lynn. Yes Kings Lynn deserved the equaliser in the end, but we were seconds away from getting a win from a team who hadn't lost at home for a long time and didn't lose at home until the beginning of February. One of our best performances of the season for sure.

By far the best result wise was Kidderminster away, great result, atmosphere and support.Boston home was reasonably good.
Worst, well Whitby away followed by the replay home take some beating.
Self destruct button at Telford away 2-0 up after 10 minutes ending up losing 4-3 despite a worldly free kick from Hanksy.

I've struggled to seperate one game from another of those that I saw so I've added last years results to TR because I just can't deal with the way they're displayed on the OS. No idea why I'm still able to, I'm not paying for it!

Well done Neil from a grateful stat-fanatic!

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