Transfer inflation

Something I've often wondered but don't have the maths to work it out.

Today it's reported that Manchester United are about to pay £81 million (per the BBC) for a lad from Ajax.

Back in 1971 Alan Ball moved from Everton to Arsenal for a then record transfer fee of £220,000.

In 1979 Trevor Francis moved from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest and became the first £1 million player.

Now we know that football transfer inflation rates far and away exceed what's gone on in the real world since 1971.  But by how much?  Is anybody able to calculate, based on the published economic inflation rates since those two transfers, how much those two moves would be worth in todays terms?  Would be fascinating to compare that number with the eye watering £81 million.

(30-08-2022, 04:58 PM)Stable Lad Wrote:  Something I've often wondered but don't have the maths to work it out.

It's way above inflation though isn't it? Average players going for £50M, Liverpool reserves going for £20M (Solanke)

Tiger Roar is always your friend

Comprehensive City press cutting archive

Alan Ball £3.9 million
Trevor Francis £6.5 million

Just goes to show just how mad transfer inflation has become

Thanks for the link

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