So farewell then, Jubilee Stadium

It's ironic that our lowest (ever?) home attendance for a league match (161) was there to witness our last match as home side at the Jubilee Stadium:- the last minute 2-1 win v Farsley Celtic. It seems unlikely that many of us will miss watching City struggle with wind, rain, barely adequate floodlighting, some shocking refereeing and total lack of atmosphere at a ground where in 62 league and  FA Cup/Trophy matches we had a pretty dismal record of 18 wins, 17 draws and 27 defeats: 74 goals for and 91 against. (in the same period we managed 20 away wins).  Biggest victory was the 4-0 over Hungerford in 17/18.  My dim memory of that game has Harry Williams scoring what would be our only hat-trick of the period, but I notice the official stats only credit him with 2. Other highlights for me included Fabien's goals against Plymouth Parkway and Dorking,  the convincing 3-1 "trumping" of Whitehawk and their wonderful supporters and, for its comedy value, the 3-4 defeat by Woking (two laughable penalties awarded, a superbly comical Woking og, two superb efforts by Jake Jackson, the Sesay implosion, and the tragicomedy of 94th minute og conceded to lose the match).

For what it's worth my Evesham years' combined team would be:-  Wollacott;  K Thomas, Hamilton, Avery, Smerdon; Russe; Hanks, E Williams, Robert; M Jackson, Parker.   Subs would include Harper, J Thomas and Cundy. 

Any other memories?

You put in Sam and Spencer ahead of Robbie Cundy best central defender ive seen in a city shirt would have him back like a shot.


The Torquay game is a especially when “their battle bus” turned up at 2.40
Woking was unreal it had it all also Chippenham the last home game last season the only time we’ve ever created a decent atmosphere there. Fab jumping the barrier after his goal with his iconic goal celebration The Kings’s Lynn meltdown a few months back was hilarious to watch especially with the blatant lies thier chairman came out with. The young lass behind the refreshment kiosk!

Not so much highlights!

Most games and visits there tbh it was a horrible soulless place and a crap drive especially this season with miserable bar staff and the cold burgers and Mr Happy serving them. The Whitby and Biggleswade embarrassment rates highly along with Weston/Concord the toilets behind the stand covered in **** most games. Andre Wright absolute garbage.

My team would be

Hadler, K Thomas, Hamilton, Cundy, Russe, Hanks, E Williams, Robert, M Jackson, J.Jackson Subs would include Harper, L.Hall, Parker and Avery

Ahh Tom Hadler. That awkward moment I had with him at Hartpury!

Pretty sure Harry came off of the bench and crafted just the two goals when we massacred Hungryford.

We had the run of games where we just could not win at Evesham. Could not generate the same sort of atmosphere that we had at C********m. The Torquay Utd game was memorable with the Torquay player throwing the flare over the stand and the Manager getting abused at the end. 
     I went to Eveshams opening game at the Jubilee Stadium. It was Evesham Utd All Stars Vs Manchester Utd Legends. Before the game, Ron Atkinson (Man Utd Manager) cut the ribbon on the centre circle. Man Utd team consisted of Denis Irwin, Russell Beardsmore, Clayton Blackmore, Mark Robins, David May etc.

At the Evesham United / Manchester United game was a crowd of around 2,500.

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, Tucker, Wollen.

Firstly I am grateful that we had somewhere to play where we could retain our National League status.

Chippenham 3-2 comeback last season was the best atmosphere, 3-0 win v Boston this season easiest match to watch, Torquay player throwing flare into car park most bizarre moment.

The bar staff always seemed friendly, service was quick, and always tolerable ales available. The burger bar bloke was a miserable sod.

The stewards were right jobsworths who when met with resistance were bottlers. If you dawdled past the main stand they were right on top of you, if your little girl was kicking a ball around the grassed area to the side of the pitch (before the game) they told her to stop. If fans let off flares on three separate occasions, they let them stay in the ground.

No atmosphere, always the worst of the weather. But part of our history.

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

Evesham served its purpose.
decent bar especially with an old favourite like Brew 11 on draught. The snack bar man a complete misery guts , serving you was onerous.
Seated stand awful as was the cowshed behind the one goal.
When you are tenants, stewards are always going to be an issue, most were fine, the occasional petulant one but hey just doing an unpaid job.
All this is behind us now with the new MP really taking shape.

The one good thing about Evesham is the music could be played via Bluetooth rather than just the CD like at C********m.

The place was awful you got wetter in the stand than the players on the pitch. It would have been nice to remember it with a little going away party,I would have taker the petrol if someone else had taken the matches.

(30-05-2020, 04:02 PM)charlie Wrote:  The one good thing about Evesham is the music could be played via Bluetooth rather than just the CD like at C********m.


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