Morning all. Didn’t actually think we’d stand a chance of running this one but suddenly got a lot of interest. So let’s have a go at running a 30 Seater. Details are as follows…

Tuesday 25th October.
£25.00 Per Adult
Coach Departs - 3.30pm

Simply comment your full name on here, or if preferred book your seat by clicking on the following link…


Payments can be made straight into the new Supporters Away Travel bank account, details below. Again like so many have very kindly done so already, donations are extremely welcome, please pay these straight into the following account as well, they really do make such a difference thank you…

David Herridge

1 - Dave H
2 - Liam P
3- Isaac H
4 - Mike Ashworth
5 - Rob Ashworth
6 - Easty
7 - Dave Jones
8/9/10 - Ally, Harley & Kyle
11 - Phil Gough
12 - Reg Gurney
13 - Leon
14 - John Pugh
15 - John Hulls
16/17 - John & Judith
18 - Penno
19 - Donation Seat
20 - Adam Whitmore
21 - Matt Phillips
22/23 - Graham & Mim
24 - Donation Seat
25 - Allan Simpson
26 - Steve Guy
27 - Phil Bishop
28 - Matt Liddle
29 - Donation Seat

Judith and John please

Come on, let’s get enough to fill a 30 seater and go in comfort. I’d rather pay £30 and go in a coach than £20 on a rattler!
Sponsored seats welcome if anyone is feeling flush! Smile

I think SK and the lads deserve to have decent support after the last 3 results.

Let’s be havin’ ya!!

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

Put me down

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

(23-10-2022, 12:07 PM)Tigermatty 2.0 Wrote:  Put me down
Are you asking for a seat on the coach, or a 1-way trip to the vet Tiger?

We need a few more for this to run.
Anybody else wanting to come please let me know as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Morning all

Supporters Coach definitely runs to Chester tomorrow.
Still 5 more seats to fill, let’s get these sold so the coach breaks even.

Massive thank you to those that are coming, this is a fantastic response considering it’s a Tuesday night. I applaud you all.

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