Luke Pennell Signs On

I'm pleased with that. Get him settled and he will be as good as he reputation suggests.

His reputation suggests he isn't the player he was Neil.

Let boundless joy be unconfined... A poor man's K Parselle is signed!

Welcome back Luke

Have to agree with you Neil, could be an excellent signing. Steady first game for us when he was obviously a bit out of puff. But an impressive last game and in my book one to watch. Very quick and intelligent game reader. Welcome Luke.

You don’t play for the England C team if you are a complete duffer!
From what I saw tail end of last season he looked comfortable on the ball, admitted he wasn’t fully fit.
Looking forward to this team playing, could be in for a hell of a ride.

Far better than the ones we have lost and happy with the terms offered.

He has a great chance to get fit and playing for a manager he knows has confidence in him in a new stadium and building a strong team ,confidence will be high and will hopefully show on the pitch.

Let's hope the new signing ,s jell quickly with last seasons players, and this club can start to grow again and after so so long in the doldrums start to be a proper football club a gain?

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