A little help!?

Morning everyone, and Happy new year!

Trev is away to today, so a little short handed, as he’s rather selfishly taken his lovely daughter on holiday with him.

Putting up a little Pop up gazebo shop at the new home end for today, which will be selling the usual Cash draw, GG, and predictors (now £800!)
Also got beanies, Club pin badges, scarves and some really natty new City bucket hats that come in red or black, and in 3 sizes. Kids, normal people, and my own size, elephant man.

Anybody who has an hour spare before the game is very welcome to wander over and give me a hand. You can bring a pint with you! Smile

See you all later for 3 points!

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

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