Arnold Clark Cup 23

Takes a bit to stop us watching City Women on a Sunday but it's up to Coventry for us tomorrow to cheer on the Lionesses.  Anybody else going?  I know there's a good contingent heading down to Ashton Gate in the week for the last of 3 games.

Thought we did OK v S Korea in the week who despite being rated 10th in the world put 11 behind the ball and showed v little ambition. Never easy to break down  that sort of set up and thought we made heavy weather of it in the first half. Mind 4 goals and 3 off the woodwork over the 90 so mustn't grumble.

Were going to on Wednesday for the winner-takes-all!

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

Very much a 'second string'  Sunday with 9 changes but still too good for Italy.  Their goal saw the ball go out before it was crossed and then not crossing the goal line!! Never seen the like.  Game showed we've strength in depth with some good individual performances even if the team dynamic was a bit rusty at times; though it was a line up unlikely to see action in the World Cup.  The Brighton player Katie Robinson certainly took her chance and looks a real talent.  

Bit of illness in our home camp today so its fingers crossed we can get down to Ashton Gate later where I'd expect to see another 9 changes and a move back towards the usual starting XI  against the best side in the tournament in a winner takes all match.  Will be fascinating to see if Rach or Lessi gets the CF role.

Coventry have nice set up, good views, parking and easy access.  Impressed though the PA system was just white noise!

I was at the game on Sunday - was sat two rows behind the England dugouts. Really enjoyable game, but the Italy goal should never have been given!

Just watched that on youtube, double whammy, the ball went out and then didn't appear to cross the line from the header. VAR etc etc

Tiger Roar is always your friend

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An impressive performance and enjoyable evening at Ashton Gate yesterday.

Impressive not only because of the score line but also the way that the team was set up and played. It's all well and good having a talented squad with lots of skill and ability but you also need to have a squad that does the 'grunt work' as well to allow that talent to shine. I thought the way the whole team shut down the Belgians virtually every time they got the ball was vey impressive throughout the whole 90 + mins. They got the ball and in seconds the Lionessess were challenging and winning the ball back and so allow us to start developing the next positive move for ourselves. That determination and mix will do us well in the World Cup where we'll come up against stronger opponents for sure.

Impressive also in terms of how the young players who were given their chance this time played both as individuals and part of the team. For those of us who follow the WSL it'll not come as any great surprise, but for those that don't names such as Katie Robinson, Maya Le-Tissier, Jess Carter and Jess Park certainly took their chances and show the strength in depth the team are starting to build. And then there is Lauren James, player of the tournament and an incredible talent who could very well turn out to be one of the very best players we've ever had.

Thought the Ashton Gate team put on a good show; the DJ was excellent and even had this old man jumping up and down! The expensive car park turned out to be a muddy field but did it's job, even if we had to slip and slide our way home!

We watched the opening game S Korea v Italy which came to life - eventually - near the end when at 1 -1 Korea had two gilt edged changes to win the game only for the Italians to score with the very last kick of the game. Oddly, the very last kick of the England game was also a goal.

Really enjoyable everything.

Dave - may I recommend the Portway Park and Ride. Straight off J18, straight on bus, straight down dedicated bus lane past two miles of q'ing traffic. And return.

Quick, friendly, efficient

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

(23-02-2023, 08:46 PM)SHANDY LOVE MACHINE Wrote:  Really enjoyable everything.

Dave - may I recommend the Portway Park and Ride. Straight off J18, straight on bus, straight down dedicated bus lane past two miles of q'ing traffic.  And return.

Quick, friendly, efficient
Thanks, good advice.  Glad you had great time.

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