Supporters Trust Fans Survey

I have completed the survey. Thanks, y'all!

Excelent idea, Will be handy info for the new owners aswell.

Well done. Form completed.


(20-03-2023, 01:24 PM)TP1 Wrote:  Is there a dummy’s guide to what a supporter’s trust is supposed to do? I must confess I don’t really know.
Just to add to Matt P's reply, the Trust is a properly incorporated organisation = accountable to its members and independent with own bank account and constitution governing procedures on audit,  reporting etc.  Many Trusts own shares/ have board representatives in the FC they support and Banbury, Bradford PA and Bath are among clubs at our level who are fully/majority owned by fans via their Trusts. Hereford's has a 40%+ stake.
There's loads of info in the Football Supporters Association website ( ) and the FSA has been very supportive to us during some difficult times. 
Our AGM is usually held around the end of July and members are warmly invited to contribute. Check out  our website: for details of how to join.


A few days left to complete the online survey.

Paper copies will be available at the next home game

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Thanks to everyone who took part - over 350 responses and some valuable feedback

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Will members/fans be able to see the results? Would be interesting to see.

Yep. They’re currently being collated and pretty graphified.

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

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