Junior Tiensia

Has joined Solihull.


Signed for Solihull Moors.  Sad news; really enjoyed watching him play.  Wish him well

You don’t begrudge him the opportunity to play at a higher level, but it’s a strange decision because of the timing. Moors have nothing to play for so it’ll be a quiet end to the season for him.

I only hope any monies we got for him can be reinvested.

Wasn't he on non contract terms. Doubt we got anything. A real blow at this stage of the season.

Isn’t he on non-contract terms anyway? If so, assume we wouldn’t get anything.

10/10 communications from the club again though - Solihull announced it almost an hour ago and still nothing from us.

Gutted, although you could argue we did well to hang on to him for this long - he’s a class act. Maybe he just fancied being bellowed at a bit less every Saturday!

Damn. Another blow to Kingy's efforts to have a settled side.

Decent player, enjoyed watching him. Best of luck Junior.

Very disappointed to see him go, as said above just as we’re getting a settled team.

He's a good player, good players will always attract clubs higher up. That's the problem with doing well.

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