Survey Results

Now available to view online

Thanks to all who took part, and to Joe Green for his assistance with the data analysis

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Just had a look - a lot of data and I don't necessarily envy the person(s) responsible for formulating it into a coherent plan.  For example it seems from the results we both want the trust to contribute to match day/squad costs but also concentrate on longer term projects.

Opening up the normal can of worms of kit colour I thought the results were very interesting there.  In particular the fact that the neither agree or disagree response was the most popular answer re the 2019 consultation.  I wonder if that demonstrates the amount of new fans picked up since 2019, as I suspect any around the club at that time would not generally have answered that way.  Or could it also suggest that there is a silent majority who want to move away from the yellow and black debate?

In addition red and black both seem broadly as popular as each other give or take a few votes, I perhaps expected a slightly wider margin there.  Yellow, unsurprisingly the overwhelming favourite, so if it were up to me any kit colours for next year (ignoring the red/black issue) would have to have yellow as the predominant colour.

Most importantly though the survey was a great initiative, and appears to have been well executed so thanks to all involved.

The Venn diagram gives a very good overview of what combinations of colours were chosen

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

I popped the graphs together the other week, but got too lazy to write an exec summary or commentary. What I would say is that key findings are probably what most fans might have expected:

- Bigger T End
- Terrace and cover on the far side
- Better car park
- Better entrance and exit
- Bigger bar and/or better queueing system
- Yellow and black

The two things I hadn't necessarily expected to see which came up a lot were:
- Better family experience (lots of Roary mentions)
- Better stewarding / less trouble

Definitely food for thought. Can't tackle them all at once, but working out which are the quick wins and which are longer term projects might be a good start.

A good bit of market research that will assist the Chambers.

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

Well done to all involved for putting this together, hopefully the club and trust can use this information to improve the fan experience. Definitely some urgent work needed on the entrances to the ground and car park, spectator viewing and the bar needs some character.

One thing that jumps out for me, yet more evidence that people want yellow and black back. As I said on a previous thread, if we ever did a referendum and fans voted in red then I’d understand and I’d start the process of accepting it - but this just shows we don’t even need a referendum!

Does anyone else need more proof that this is the want of one man and it goes against the fanbase? Not only did red come below black, but this red/yellow “compromise” we currently have and has been forced down our throats for a number of years now has come 4th in the Venn diagram of combinations.

Like it’s been said above, we won’t see changes overnight but with this information hopefully we can slowly start to see some changes around the ground.

I think we need to bear in mind that this is a good survey of "hardcore" supporters, many of whom have quite emotive views on the colour issues and associate red with particular people. Certainly there were a lot of people in favour of red prior to the actual change, as evidenced by comments made online at the time. The manner of the change and subsequent actions have definitely turned some people away from red who were previously in favour of it.

It's much harder to get insight into the more casual supporters, many of whom have only started going since we've returned and so will only know us in red & yellow. Interestingly two thirds of voters said the club's badge is a good reflection of the club's identity - and we can all agree that red is featured heavily on the badge.

The Chambers aren't here to keep a couple hundred fans happy, they're here to get a couple thousand regularly through the turnstiles, and while I think we'd all be pleased to see more yellow, I think there's a good argument that red & yellow is easier to market, being the colours of the city. I hope we don't see any supporters write off the Chambers over the colour issue.

Let’s do a survey of people who don’t go at all, and keep doing it until the results come out in favour of red

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Joe totally agree with your last sentence and likewise Kitto . Well done to those who organised the survey.

Kitto - a common-sense comment on here at last, agree 100%. Well said.

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