What is your top 3 favourite.....

NUMBERS? You got to love em, computers wouldn't work without them.

8 - A fine figure of a number. Society says we should like 1s, there are a lot of 0s to choose from, but I'll take one from the top and one from the bottom please Carol. 

3 - Its a magic number, it sounds like free, and things tend to come in threes. Like this thread and my reasons for liking three. 

571 - (The number of competitive City games I've watched * (The number of baths I've had + number of wives I currently have)). This number is unlikely to change until August unless I decide to marry again, in which case I will become ambiguous.


10 out of 10 for footballing zen

8 - I just love the feeling. Especially after a Gloucester sausage or hopefully in the future one of our delicious burgers.

2 - This swiftly follows 8 in the little room soon afterwards. Taking the weight off my feet and a load off my mind.

37 - Apparently the most popular random number. I love a random number almost as much as I enjoy random posts on here.

*The CUBs TM 2020 (City Ugly Buggers Stand) (A club within a clubs club club)

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