Can't write with them, can't write without them. Gave Neil a career, an important constituent of salads, and Countdown would be a much shorter show without them. They also hold magical mystic powers if you can read them carefully: Check:

C  - Fylde under C for champions, and now they don't have James Rowe they might get away with some Credibility. Other words beginning with C might apply.

K & B - Our faithful away coach providers (ultimately thankful they didn't have to go to Chester yesterday!), the initials of the two play off final teams, and the main ingredients in my favourite food KEBAB

A - Agonisingly close to success, A great season, Almost even better. Lots of new fans this season, including the Fonz - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Now rearrange the letters and you get the word BACK, as in back in the play-offs!!! This time next season. 


10 out of 10 for footballing zen

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