(24-07-2023, 03:48 PM)MeadowClark Wrote:  Well we know the stands behind the goal “had to be built that way to get ambulances in” so there should be no problems getting a hearse into the ground!
I just hope that if one ever does get in it's not for a legitimate reason!

(24-07-2023, 03:53 PM)drbob Wrote:  I just hope that if one ever does get in it's not for a legitimate reason!
Absolutely agreed.

(24-07-2023, 02:55 PM)HeathBrewer Wrote:  It has everything to do with Gloucester, though indirectly. Has anyone looked at security to try to prevent these actions at NMP? How do the fans react? How are people made to feel safe at NMP? These kinds of actions can limit our Club revenue, as people don't want to be in unsafe environments with their families. Always better to be proactive than reactive. My professional life is unfortunately too reactive, but that is the nature of the beast for me. I try my bloody hardest to be proactive to mitigate that's and answers as much as I can. 

Does this change your opinion about this thread being associated with the Club?
No.   The initial post has nothing to do with Gloucester City whatsoever and is in the wrong part of the CoF.

Before sports venues with capacities above a certain level are able to open and operate in this country there are processes and independent ongoing  reviews carried out to assess risk mitigation strategies and things such as emergency services access etc.  Unless things have changed significantly from my time, this includes us.

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