League Prediction

I can't claim credit for this (Nicky Chambers) but the Trust are doing a fundraiser for a bit of fun!

There are 24 sealed envelops, each one has a club in our league, pay £10 for an un named envelope and at the end of the year I open them and whoever has the envelope with the team who finishes first wins £100, second wins £40 and the trust gains £100.

Now at the Supporters Trust AGM, I sold 17, so if you want an "envelope" let me know on here, otherwise they will for sale at the home matches starting on Tuesday

Go on, you know you ant too!

I will take one. I should be at the game on Bank Holiday Monday so will give you the tenner then.

Bump, I have only 2/3 of these envelopes left, could Tamworth be one of them? If you want one please come and see me at the programme stand on Friday

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