GCAFC Community Champions

We’re looking for fans to help us grow the club within the City by acting as community champions, more info below 


“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Great idea and development Cool

That's a good initiative for the right individuals. Thankfully nobody takes any notice of me and I'm antisocial by nature. Any outreach into the wider community has to be applauded. I sometimes wonder if many of the non match day public even know the club exists, where we play or who the manager is. A survey made up of some simple questions might be enlightening.

111 views and not one post on here yet to say, yes I'll help yet!!

So, to start the ball rolling, I've sent my email into the Club. Don't have oodles of spare time but keen to see what's needed and from that see what practical help I may be able to offer.

Whose next?

This is exactly the sort of work we should be doing - and some areas of Gloucester would certainly benefit from a community champion and outreach work. The community work aspect of the club is an important part of raising our profile, helping local people - and increasing footfall at the ground. To get it right, it needs to be on a professional footing - and that's the way it's heading. It won't happen overnight - setting up programmes, identifying community partnerships, and sources of funding take time, but if we get it right, I'm sure in a year or so we'll have a functioning and sustainable community programme. I know Matt in his 'Mr Motivation ' role will make it happen. Great stuff and more of it.

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