Top of the table clash on Sunday at the TT

I'm always surprised to see players take the field in spectacles. I was having a kickabout once wearing mine and I headed a ball it forced them down onto the bridge of my nose giving me a nice little cut. Never mind the cost of damaging them. I know you can get prescription sport googles, no idea why it's not enforced.

(31-10-2023, 04:08 PM)Stable Lad Wrote:  A great set.  I try and take a few photos on our travels and I promise you that taking good photos like these is a lot harder than  you may think

The hardest thing is to keep the camera to the eye and keep concentrating instead of watching the game. I very nearly missed the shot of Nicole's goal and that was the most important split second of the 90 minutes. Contrast this to Boston on Saturday when we didn't get in the six yard box, it shows how you have to be on your mettle to capture these moments.

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