Boston away

(30-10-2023, 08:33 PM)SHANDY LOVE MACHINE Wrote:  I saw cooky in Cabot circus this afternoon hopefully trying to pick up a couple of strikers in the sales

Or before Darren says it let's hope no clowns
More than likely in Poundland tbh.....

(28-10-2023, 06:38 PM)T-End is in sight Wrote:  Bless you Dave, we can keep doing calculations like that until it’s mathematically impossible for us to stay up, but it’s not as simple as suddenly just start winning. Look at our next few fixtures. It’s not panic stations just yet, but we could be 10-12 points off safety after we’ve played Scunny, Brackley and Chester. MC needs backing, young players on freebie loans will not fix this.  Dishing out 2 year contracts is backfiring as MC has very little wiggle room.  But with a chairman burying his head in the sand because we played a good team (we actually didn’t) we are talking ourselves towards relegation sadly.

Bless me indeed. We actually were, as you said we might be, but we're not any more. 

I enjoyed our hug last night. We should do it more often. Smile

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

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