The Chambers Have Stepped Down

(16-11-2023, 05:14 PM)Prorsum Semper Wrote:  Seems the case, what I would like to know is all these people that wanted the Chambers out, what do they actually want? I heard songs from the T-END that " we want our club back" when AP/Eamon was still putting cash in,with the Chambers they had It back and could have helped the club in a positive way but they Didnt want that either.

They have just happened to forget all that because at least things were better on the pitch under Alex and lets be fair that is all that they really care about. They don't care about any of the off the pitch stuff that Patrick was working on because they just want instant success by whatever means. They have what they wanted now so lets see how that pans out as it seems a handful of fans think they run the club just because they go to away games and or have access to Twitter so can hound Patrick all the time.


Sad news!

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Why is there all this toxicity??? It seemed to be in place when AP was in charge and allegedly also under the Chambers management.

(16-11-2023, 04:10 PM)abaconButtee Wrote:  AP has spoken to me for Severn Sport to provide an update

Interesting to hear that other sections of the club want to split away. Not a good idea to make the club weaker is it?

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It's felt like something was bubbling away for a couple of weeks now. I'm sorry that it hasn't worked out with the Chambers and that they've felt that they have to walk away. They seemed like nice people and I wish them all the best.
It doesn't really seem like Alex is coming back either for any length of time reading his statement, so the club is now in limbo.
Some of the abuse the Chamber's took from a section of our "support" doesn't reflect well on the club either, but having seen some peoples antics home and away over the last couple of seasons it doesn't come as a complete surprise. We certainly have a stroppy section amongst us.
As others have said it's never dull and I guess we've just got to hold on tight and see what develops. On a positive note at least it's taking the attention away from our current standing until the next league match, though to be honest, I've already started looking at league below to see where we're probably heading.
As the Chinese curse says " may you live in interesting times".

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(16-11-2023, 06:11 PM)Neil Wrote:  Interesting to hear that other sections of the club want to split away. Not a good idea to make the club weaker is it?
Sad news if it transpires but who can blame them. Any successful club is greater than the sum of its parts. But when the major part is broken and its supporters riven by infighting who can blame the rest for wanting to go their own way.

We are in a post-truth era

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(16-11-2023, 07:33 PM)Tigermatty 2.0 Wrote:  We are in a post-truth era

Yeah I don't believe for a second that the other sides were looking to split away from the club at all. Why on earth would they do that?

(16-11-2023, 01:14 PM)Tommy11 Wrote:  Did they actually stick there hands in their pockets though?
Does it matter if they did or they didn't the hours they put into running the club was huge, I for one is sad that it did not work out, when ever I spoke to either of them they were open and honest and only wanted the best for the club. Patrick and Nicky, all the very best in your next adventure

Seemed to be nice people with good ideas and intentions - but many mistakes made, and it gets to a point where you can't put it down to teething troubles. Wish them the best, but clearly they're not the right people.

Don't condone the abuse they have suffered though. People should feel free to criticise and debate, but there has to be respect shown. As someone else on this thread said, the abusive "mob" seem to think they run the place and I bet they've got red raw hands from all the rubbing together today.

You must be mad to want to run a football club!

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