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(28-11-2023, 03:17 PM)Paul Wrote:  I think we need to ask why we're in this predicament. When we were in exile it was just a case of the playing side clinging on at this level and hoping we could get back to Gloucester. With AP coming alongside EMG and overcoming all the planning hurdles we made it back. No mean feat and we could easily have gone out of existence.

AP appeared to not only want to give the club a ground but also take a run at promotion to the next level with a squad capable of achieving that. It all went wrong with null & void, JR leaving, and PG taking over - who on the face of it might have appeared to be capable of carrying on JR's work, but as we all know things went downhill, and other than SK's appointment and last season's lucky late entry to the playoffs, the club hasn't achieved, and AP's interest waned.

We don't know how long AP wants to look after the club, but it's clear that there has to be something for any potential investor to buy into. The Chambers must have thought so, but obviously took on problems they weren't aware of.

Clearly the club needs to be successful on the pitch, and if we want those big money-making crowds then that means promotion to the next level - something that seems a long way off. We won't attract big crowds playing the likes of Spennymoor or Rushall  Olympic.

We've had no consistent manager since we've returned. JR and SK showed promise. We know why Rowe left, but SK was on a two year contract. Why put him on one, if it wasn't going to be supported?  I have faith that MC will keep us up, but if that happens, what then? We're just treading water at the moment, whilst AP considers his options. There doesn't seem to be any long-term plan. 

If AP intends to sell, the club needs to be successful on the pitch, but it also needs other infrastructure to make it appealing. I quite like our shipping container ground with the Mount Doom rubbish heap in the background, but let's face it, it's not the most attractive proposition for any investor. And if we were to get relegated no one would be interested. 

There are people/supporters on this forum with some ideas and insight into what would help to grow this club - not as any challenge to AP, but for a diplomatic person to sit on the board and provide suggestions and support where the club or AP needs it. People need to listen. Which is why the Supporters Trust statement is so pertinent. 

The statement was put out on this forum. Assuming AP has read it, has there been any response?
A meeting between Trust and Club representatives has been arranged

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