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Another good performance and great result last night.

Slippery conditions in the first half but we played well and could have been 2 or 3 up by half time, with Peterborough showing very little.

Second half we started ok and could have extended our lead, but then faded badly. They started playing some nice football and we struggled to get the ball off them. Clumsy penalty to give away and it looked to me like we'd go on to lose.

Some inspired subs and a great cross and header, 3 points in the bag (aside from a glaring miss in injury time).

It's good to have a strong squad and bench. We might need it with Cross, Smalley, and Lesson all picking up knocks.

Big match on Saturday.

A very useful 3 points in front of a sparse and very quiet crowd.

Really good win last night. Two great goals, and the second one was a good move. That's exactly what Wright is there for.

Santos had his best games since his debut against Alfreton, as all the other games he has been pretty anonymous. He really stepped up when asked to replace Cross and we needed him.

Not too concerned about a poor turn out. It is December and the game was being streamed. Floating football fans love a drama, either when your at the top or the bottom. So I'm predicting more to turn up in the second half of the season for sure. Lots more Great Escape singing to come!

Great result- couldn’t make last night as ovet the weekend I met up with the Eastern European Iva Chestikov and it hadn’t gone away.

Watched the match on NLtv. At times we played some great football ( and as DW says post match sometimes we didn’t)
There seems to alot more movement off the ball giving the player in possession options. Smalley Pinchard again impressive with Hanksy finding his form again.

Two excellent goals. Dare I say it but MC appears to have the wagon rolling.

I thought Santos played well when he came on although you can see why MC described him as somewhat frustrating to watch at times - a bit reminiscent of Dom McHale.

It seems whoever starts up front does the donkey work for his oppo to come off of the bench and score. Danny has done it lately for Ben to replace him and get a goal. It was nice to swap the burden and Danny to get the glory for a change.

Harry Emmett looked really good too going forward. He's come on leaps and bounds.

Hope the injury to Liam Cross isn't too bad, and Brandon pulled up at the end too.

Interesting to see elsewhere it saying that Mike has spoken to Jay about some players he's identified that he'd like and is being backed by AP to bring them in. Injuries can bite hard so it's good to have the backing to keep the squad competitive.

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Got stuck at work so couldn't make it so won't comment on the game itself other than to say, a much needed win!  Especially when you put it into context of our away form.  If that doesn't improve we are going to need to win a lot of home games to stand a chance of staying up.

Won't be there Saturday either, but another massive "6 pointer".  Shame really as I wouldn't have minded seeing the Darlo fan who was very happy to tell me that "they didn't belong in this league" and "not to worry about being thrashed as you won't have to play us again anyway, because we are definitely going up"

He could well be correct in saying they don't belong in this league, to be fair.

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

Admittedly this message would have been a little different had it finished 1-1..

An enjoyable evening on the whole and important to win having been pegged back. That'll help confidence levels. Pleasing to hold on at the end too when they had a proper go at us.

We could have been out of sight at half time, albeit did start slowly.

Great to get the win under our belts ahead of a hugely important game at the weekend. Feels like we have a bit of momentum in the league and need to take advantage of the two home games before Christmas.

A little concerned about the attendance. It was entirely predictable, but something for the new board members to look at.. perhaps the only way is up from last night.

We have half a chance now and with talk of some reinforcements coming in you never know. Whatever happens.. the beginning of the season can not be allowed to happen again.

Regardless of the weather, football on TV etc, 466 is absolutely crap for a city of this size. This isn’t what we came back to Gloucester for.

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