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I hope this post is okay, and being a volunteer myself this does feel a little self serving, BUT!
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to our very small band of volunteers yesterday. From Lisa, Becca, Jenny, Gareth and Caitlin on the turnstiles getting nearly 2,500 people with just 5 people is no easy feat, especially considering the horrible way they're treated by far too many people yesterday.
Thank you to Trev, Emma, Robin, the Christmas Elf (I'm sorry, I only saw you from behind), plus Graham, Chris Anderson and the young stewards, plus Neil and our media team from the University. And not forgetting Adam, Liam, Daryll, Mike and Rob, Dave, and the rest of the TEO who clean up after every match. Undoubtedly I've forgotten many more volunteers of this great club from yesterday. It isn't trying to put on a big show, and many of us stayed up late on Christmas Day getting things ready.

We do it all for the love of the club and most people do not realise that we've never been paid for what we do. Please just be polite, and even if everyone who reads this just helped for 1 match a season, it would make such a huge difference to everyone's day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, fingers crossed that we can end the season how we ended last season.


Well said, young man!

There are no strangers here, only friends you have not met yet!

Indeed, a special word to those cleaning up. Beggars belief that people have to tidy up after others.

Tiger Roar is always your friend

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Well said Charlie, and let's add a thank you to you as well.  The PA does much to build the atmosphere particularly before kick off; from Adele to as bit of half time New Order yesterday (see, we were listening!!). 

Across the Club as a whole - so looking at the youth and women's set up as well - there are a host of volunteers doing a fantastic job in all sorts of ways.  Without them the wheel stops turning.  There are also not enough helpers either.

I'm firmly of the view that the Board should appoint a named volunteer liaison officer (or something similar) whose job it is not just to recruit new helpers but to also stay in touch and listen to the existing team across the whole City family; making sure they get the help and equipment they need to do their job and the recognition they deserve.

Thank you to the volunteers for all they do!

Well said Charlie! Thank you to all volunteers - not just for giving up your time but also for sacrificing being able to watch parts of the game just to ensure everyone else can enjoy it.

I’m in awe of you all!

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