(09-02-2024, 09:15 AM)Gladfans Wrote:  Having watched the Chorley highlights young Dennis has to do better with at least two of the goals. When he is beaten at his near post sorry not good enough and likewise their third goal he could and should have done better imo.
I agree ,also the first could be classed as a mix Up but their strikers first touch of the ball is clóse to the 6 yard box, keeper should have been claiming/anticipating that as It.

Ben Richards Everton latest player to be released. Can only assume it’s linked to his knee injury????

Bring your boots tomorrow you might get a game .

Presumably this will allow other signings.

That's a shame thought he was are best player. Looks like the club is having a clear out ready for relegation. Do we have any players for tomorrow

(09-02-2024, 11:30 AM)Hucclecotetiger Wrote:  That's a shame thought he was are best player. 
Fully agree. Even on one leg his class shone through.  Really hope he's not finished.

Non contract and wouldn’t have been paid if not in the squad no no change to the wage bill - odd to release him though given on Twitter he’s said he will only be out for 3/4 weeks. I guess we’ve given up.

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

(09-02-2024, 11:20 AM)Gladfans Wrote:  Bring your boots tomorrow you might get a game .

Presumably this will allow other signings.
Doubt it, I think the pantomime season has not finished. As we have thrown in the towel why not play DW in goal, Josh Smile at CB,Spencer on the wing,and the new young goalkeeper at CF. Wink

He’s been our best player this season, what an absolute colossus of a defender, someone you’d really need for the relegation scrap.

Looks like we’re throwing the towel in. I’m excited to see which 18 year old from an academy whose an excellent prospect will come in next.

Reading some of the comments you’d think we were 40 points adrift not 4. Come on people!
No one in their right mind should accept relegation with 14 games to go and only 4 points in it.

Very surprised with these departures, Liam was never given a run of games and I don't see this young lad cutting it in his first loan at this level. Liam was a great lad who was loyal to the club never did much wrong, best of luck Liam 
BRE departure, unless seriously injured is a real shock had been one of our best player and just what we need in a relagation fight hard to understand

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