South Shields

Apparently a disabled fan was stuck in the toilet with no toilet roll, pulled the red cord but no one came.

Sums up where we are. At least the burgers were nice.

“There’s a mole. Right at the top of the circus. He’s been there for years.”

Rumour today players haven't been paid ? Well not surprised with today's performance

What a shambles
Midfield non existent, never got anywhere near them.
Unless there is a dramatic change in personnel it’s relegation.

I’m afraid the position and state of the club lies at the door of one man.

(10-02-2024, 06:41 PM)Hucclecotetiger Wrote:  Rumour today players haven't been paid ? Well not surprised with today's performance

The players are paid on the last day of the month, so I find it odd that a rumour is only just surfacing, 10 days later. That said, nothing would surprise me at the moment.

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

(10-02-2024, 06:38 PM)TP1 Wrote:  I think you can add the actions of the people running the club to that equation. If it’s true that they were trying to push Durrell out a few weeks ago, surely he’s going to feel ambivalent about the club. And what are the players going to think about one of their best colleagues being let go?
Totally agree. Why should they fight for the club when players are being told to leave

If that's right about the disabled person then that is absolutely fucking appalling.

Respect to South Shields fans. There in good numbers really long journey. Bit quiet but very well behaved

10 out of 10 for footballing zen

I’m absolutely disgusted hearing about what happened to that disabled fan. We cannot get the very basics right at all, we’ve been home now for nearly 4 years and we’re still acting like we’ve never ran a home game before.

I’m afraid this is going to end up being AP’s legacy, chaos at every turn, fundamentals wrong constantly and a debt ridden club going down with a whimper to the SL. It makes me so annoyed after all those years of hard working good people who kept us at this level, we were never rich but we had heart and we had a dignity and professionalism. All of that’s been thrown out the window.

Where is AP when the **** hits the fan? Nowhere to be seen.

I haven't seeen a performance as poor as that since Tommy Callinan was manager and we were basically playing the youth team as firsts. 

For the first thirty minutes we were holding our own, but not picking up the runners from deep. At that point their keeper had made several good stops and our keeper hadn't really been tested.

We then gifted them two goals with schoolboy defending. Our keeper couldn't do anything for the first, but probably should have done better for the second. 

We didn't compete in the second half (or at least what I saw of it, leaving after the third went in). It was obvious when we had a corner early in the half when we had a corner and they broke away almost scoring at the other end in a matter of seconds.

We're now at least seven points from safety as our GD is now worse than the teams above us (and I haven't taken matches in hand into account as all the teams above us except those in the playoff places have played less games than us). 

At the moment there can only be one outcome this season and that's the 'R' word.

None but I bet it didn’t help the players motivation seeing Alex get rid of another player.

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