Who would you support /what would you do if

Gloucester City no longer existed?

Worst case scenario of course.

(11-02-2024, 10:49 PM)Prorsum Semper Wrote:  Gloucester City no longer existed?

Worst case scenario of course.
Wouldn’t support anyone else but would still watch the likes of Tuffley Rovers. It's an interesting point though. Tuffley Rovers are currently in the same league as Worcester City. I wonder how many of their supporters made the trip to Glevum Park when they played there - and how many diehard supporters we'd retain if we dropped to that level?

I'd give Burger Master a go.

Yes, I know that's at least a yellow card.

Whatever club the fans build out of the ashes. A fan owned club might be the best thing to happen.

There's always Gloucester Athletic. Think they play in the C********m League. Could be a Worcester Raiders of the future.
 Wonder if they would play home matches at Kingsholm.  Confused

Andrew Adebowale, Hannah, Hoskins, Kirkup, Mainwaring, Tucker, Wollen.

I guess there would be a pheonix club which most of us would move over to. I don’t know how to feel about pheonix clubs though, it’s just not the same.

I’ve had a think about this before and I’d probably just groundhop at weekends and go full time with England so I had something still I’m attached to.

Phoenix clubs well just a couple of league clubs Wimbledon and Newport for example.
Plenty at non league too many to mention.
I don't think they are the same but tell supporters of those clubs that.....

Having supported and now volunteered for years, if the club disappeared I think I'd be too burnt out to get behind a phoenix one at this stage.

Whatever incarnation rose from the ashes I suppose!

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

If not, I'll see you and MeadowClark down Mill Lane!

I'm sure we could badger some others into joining us...

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