Michael holding today

Wonder what people think?  Did it make you think? Or did it not fit your narrative

Who’s Michael Holding?

I thought he articulated himself and the situation brilliantly. It is our moral obligation to educate ourselves on the BLM movement, and to realise that yes, some people have issues that others don't, but as white people our lives have not been made harder because of our skin colour. That is the root of the movement. We can all educate ourselves and play our part.

Cricket commentators and broadcasters are levels above the majority of those involved with football, and the way that Holding spoke earlier was brilliant.

For those of you who haven't seen it, I would urge you all to watch it.


(08-07-2020, 08:59 PM)Ray Tango Wrote:  Who’s Michael Holding?
“The bowlers Holding, the batsmans Willey”

Johnny Murphy’s Barmy Army

I prefer Morgan Freeman.

Spend as much as you can at Meadow Park, or my kids starve. 

No pressure.

People on here are going to have different views. If you don't agree with what he said, what do you disagree with?

He's speaking as a black man who has excelled in life. He has made himself into what he is today, I can't believe that every young black male in the West Indies doesn't have the opportunities that he had. Life is what you make of it.

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