Brackley kick off 1pm

I’m certainly not aiming criticism at Dave or Mike, because I’ve no doubt both of them would want as many outlets open as possible, so there’s obviously things stopping that happening, but it was a bit of a nightmare today on that front. Brought my little un and another fella today, and his intention, to be blunt, was to have a burger and get pissed. We’d have eaten too. We all had one drink before it got busy, and never ended up having another or eating, as the queues were just too long to be bothered.
Hopefully something that will be sorted before next season.
The good news for Dave is I dropped him at the Sword! Big Grin

Sticking around a while yet, thanks to a gift from a generous angel.

Thought we were decent in the first half, got a good early goal and definitely should have had another if not for the Lewis triple save. Second half we let it get away, thought O'Sullivan gave them a bit more in midfield and sure enough he got the assist for their goal. Jake Dennis made some really good saves and a commanding punch, but not much he could do for the equaliser. It was inevitable that we'd concede late again, but that doesn't make it any less gutting.

I also only had one drink and didn’t bother with food. How come the queuing system in the bar was binned off? It was one of the biggest improvements as fans didn’t have to queue out of the door when it got busy?

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(29-03-2024, 05:31 PM)Gladfans Wrote:  Rob Ellis I agree.

The game had an element of just playing for pride about it and in patches particularly in the first half we played well. Josh Smile showed what he is capable of and a great goal from Pinchard. Duffus and Mbayo were excellent Mbayo my motm. The winner was the howling gale straight down the pitch which had a real effect on the play.

Budget permitting if we keep the nucleus of today’s starting eleven we will do ok next season.

Good crowd too.

Agreed, we looked solid defensively today.  Dealt with the conditions well too.

In my opinion and from the opposition we've played, there are at least four worse teams in this division than us. However, the table doesn't lie and the points lost towards the end of games and generally from winning positions has been our undoing.

I too would keep a good chunk of the players from this squad and add a few fresh faces. A bit of pace needed up top and on the wing is vital.

Like the manager, the constant chopping and changing of players every single season does us no good. I'm craving a bit of consistency on that front and hopeful of few more wins next season!

I nipped in for a pint in the first half when the game was just going through the motions, still a mad queue out of the door.

I tend to use the red cabin for food most games, when I walked in and saw that it was shut I knew the queue for the hatch would be chaotic and didn't even attempt it.

The wind obviously played havoc today, but thought we were the better side, as did the Slough fans I sat next to.  Was surprised how lacklustre Brackley seemed.

I half-wondered if the mad queues were some sort of half-arsed attempt at revenge for the play-off match last season.

Darlo and Rushall lose, Farsley draw.

10 points adrift, only 15 to play for.

Could really have done without that late goal.

(29-03-2024, 05:18 PM)Tigermatty 2.0 Wrote:  What was the point in making subs today? We got worse. You’re supposed to have an impact on the game.

I saw Louis McGrory limping after the game but yes, I don't think Danny Wright had a touch of the ball did he? Theo was looking over at the bench as the numbers on the baord reached 18 and didn't look pleased to go off.

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(29-03-2024, 05:49 PM)Tigermatty 2.0 Wrote:  I also only had one drink and didn’t bother with food. How come the queuing system in the bar was binned off? It was one of the biggest improvements as fans didn’t have to queue out of the door when it got busy?

I have to ask who at management ( board level call it what u like) who is responsible for such matters.

Looks like everyone dropped points around us today, I know it’s probably irrelevant now but I’d have liked to have seen us go for the win at the end there, draws are no good. Farsley are dropping like a stone, I bet they end up in catchable distance by the end of the season and we end up ruing all these silly dropped points.

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